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Providing professional customs advice for new and existing international traders.

Brexit is just on the horizon and it`s set to be the biggest thing to hit customs in our lifetimes with an estimated 200 million more duty declarations going through to HMRC every year. The UK's exit from the European Union means over 150,000 businesses that currently deal seamlessly with other member states will effectively become importers and exporters for the first time. Although, it will be some time before the full effects of Brexit become clear, the coming years will certainly be challenging for international traders, both new and existing. Organisations need to prepare for it sooner rather than later.

Customs legislation and regulations is a complex area that has a significant impact on business practices and operating costs. As providers of market leading duty management solutions for more than 30 years, customs expertise underpins everything we do. It always has done and always will do. Indeed, Langdon Systems' knowledge of customs is second to none in our industry. Our customs consultants are acknowledged experts in their field and are an invaluable resource offering assistance on a whole range of customs matters.

Amongst the many customs related topics our consultancy can help you with are;
• Advice regarding your import and export declarations
• Analysis of your organisation's current business systems with a view to reducing your duty costs and VAT liability
• Identification and delivery of specialist customs training
• Attendance of meetings with HMRC and negotiation on your behalf
• Assistance in preparing fully documented audit procedures, saving you time and effort during official customs audits and the initial approval process
• An inside view from professional and trade bodies

Our new dedicated customs information website (due to be launched in November) will include up-to-date customs related news articles and blogs with a particular focus on the implications of Brexit on the customs arena.

Whether you're a new company taking its first steps into the international market, an established business looking to broaden your horizons or an experienced global operator, Langdon Systems' team of experts can provide answers for all your customs queries.

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