Elian Carsenat

FDI Magnet (NamSor)

Elian Carsenat, a computer scientist trained at ENSIIE/INRIA, started his career at JP Morgan in Paris in 1997. He later worked as consultant and managed business & IT projects in London, Paris, Moscow and Shanghai. In 2012, Elian created NamSor, a piece of sociolinguistics software to mine the ''Big Data'' and better understand international flows of money, ideas and people. NamSor helps answer the perennial question all countries ask about their diasporas – who are they, where are they and what are they doing.

FDI Magnet is NamSor digital offering for Investment Promotion.

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Investment promotion at the digital age

How to engage a diaspora ambassadors network at the digital age? Ireland has successfully harnessed the goodwill of the Irish diaspora to assist in identifying FDI investment opportunities. FDI has been identified as a key driver of Ireland’s return to economic prosperity. Can it work for any other country, region or city? How can Investment Promotion Agencies and Trade Organisations better engage diaspora or expatriate networks for economic development, to attract: - foreign direct investors, - start-ups, venture capital, business angels, - top international talents and what are the main challenges of diaspora engagement? We now live in a networked world where diasporas and expatriate networks are digitally connected: here (where they live, where they work now) and there (where they were born, where they studied, where they used to work). This network represents a huge potential to promote your location.