Paola Leites de Moraes

Uruguay XXI

Paola Leites de Moraes is an Economist and she has a vast experience in foreign trade, international business and attraction of foreign direct investment.

She has been working in Uruguay’s Investment Promotion Agency for five years, advising foreign investors who are evaluating where to invest as those who have been operating in Uruguay for a long time. She has also worked for three years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay and at the UNCTAD/WTC International Trade Centre.

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Uruguay: the finest gateway to Latin America

Present the opportunities that Uruguay brings to UK’s companies to enhance efficient and profitable growth in Latin America. Located between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is the safest country for business in one of the most economically attractive regions in the world. Political and economic stability, easy access to Latin America, world class facilities, competitive costs, tax exemptions, qualified and multilingual professionals and high quality of life are some of the benefits for which global companies increasingly decide to set up operations in Uruguay. KATOEN NATIE, BASF, TRAFIGURA, SONY, UPM, FINNING CAT, PEPSICO, ENEL, ROCHE, SKF, DANONE, RENAULT, among others have already chosen the country in order to conduct their business, production processes or product distribution.