Zdenko Lucić

(Croatian) Agency for Investments and Competitiveness

Zdenko Lucić, Managing Director, Agency for Investments and Competitiveness.

Zdenko Lucić is the managing director of the Agency for Investments and Competitiveness created by the Croatian Government in order to promote Croatia and help the investors.

In his professional career, Zdenko Lucić has more than 10 years of experience in both the private and the public sector in the areas of investment realization, strategic development, national and regional development as well as business processes.
He has graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA, and is currently finishing his MBA studies at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb.

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Croatia – Be a Part of a New Growth

Did you know that the tie, the ballpoint pen, the parachute, the tungsten light bulb, the torpedo, the azithromycin antibiotic, the electronic speedometer, dactyloscopy (finger printing), the MP3 player and the world’s fastest electric car (Rimac Automobili) were all invented by Croatians? Located in Southeast Europe and bordering Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, Croatia is perfectly positioned for reaching both the EU market and the markets of Southeast Europe. Its convenient geographical location, modern infrastructure, political and economic stability as well as the competent and highly educated workforce are only some of the reasons to invest in Croatia. In this 30 minutes presentation, we will give you a short overview of the Croatian investment potential and the advantages it offers to the investors.