Exhibiting at the Foreign Direct Investment Expo GmbH is a partner to purpose-driven businesses that want to expand into new markets. Since the rate of failed market entries due to internationalization is very high (>80 %), we apply an approach through which we help increase the odds of successful internationalization.

As German natives, we provide market validation, piloting and expert knowledge for maximum target market transparency.

We are changing the way of international expansion through our anti research approach: we don`t just sit behind our laptops, crawl data from the web and evaluate online surveys. In a fully digital and interconnected world, we know exactly what technology can NOT deliver.

So instead of just worshipping our digital fortune, we also do the hard work others tend to neglect: getting out there, in person. Engaging in face-to-face conversations, observing and testing in-market, recording and documenting real voices. THIS is how we get the full market picture.

Besides, we are German natives. As such, we move swiftly and provide you with our network as well as with our knowledge and best practices from more than 20 market entry projects.

Our solutions for international expansion are based on three pillars:

- Market Validation
- Expert Knowledge
- Expansion Pilot.

The modules are designed to be consecutive or can be deployed separately, to be integrated with your own tools and if you already have set up your expansion strategy waiting for execution.

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