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Natural resources - business zones - food and wood processing industries - oil and natural gas industries - business cooperation - naive art - Easter eggs from the heart
Koprivnica-krizevci county, also known as Podravina and Prigorje, is located in the Nort-western Croatia, between the Hungarian border along the Drava River and the forest highlands of Kalnik and Bilogora.
Because of its natural features interwoven with numerous cultural amenities and traditional values enriched in the contemporary expression of naive painting, local cuisine, manifestations and folklore, the County positioned itself on the tourist map as a year-round excursion destination.
Since the county is the cradle of naïve art, it is important to keep developing artistic creation and expression. Largest County art project „Easter egg from the heart` has opened many international doors and helped to establish much bilateral cooperation`s. The project is a blend of tradition, cultural heritage, naïve art and a reflection of traditional values in Podravina and Prigorje.
Koprivnica-krizevci county it`s not only a tourist destination. Based on the regions natural resources, pharmaceutical industry, food, and wood processing industries hold a strong position, along with the developed natural gas and oil industries. The county's economy consists of 3196 active economic entrepreneurs. With their competitiveness in foreign markets through foreign trade, entrepreneurs are continuously positively operating.
The largest food industry is Podravka with headquarters in Koprivnica. Podravka is one of the leading companies in South East, Central, and Eastern Europe, but also well known around the world. Their products are available in more than fifty (50) countries on five continents, and their brands are recognizable and favorite on Croatian and foreign market. Podravka is a large economic entity of great importance for the whole Republic of Croatia and beyond.
The Koprivnica-krizevci county is the investor-friendly region for foreign investors. Our economy has all the characteristics of competitive entrepreneurship, especially in the field of commodity exchange. The County consists of three (3) cities and twenty-two (22) municipalities. As a method of successful entrepreneurial development and economic progress, every city and municipality in the county has business zones. Every zone can be recognized as a present or future potential for investment projects. Entrepreneurs are open to international cooperation and foreign investments.
To connect on the international scene in terms of entrepreneurship, economic cooperation, and business cooperation, but also cultural cooperation and all other significant areas, the Koprivnica-krizevci county is a member of the Alps Adriatic Alliance and Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE).

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