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Krapina Zagorje County - a business-friendly region - providing support to a successful business - combining tradition with innovation.
Croatia`s Hrvatsko Zagorje region has been given many epithets - the Green Cradle, The Romantic Heart of Croatia, Croatia`s Switzerland. Undoubtedly, nature and the remnants of humana ctivities make Zagorje the most romantic and one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia`s mainland, a large natural park whose beauty has been improved by the hand of man. It is impossible to list all of the sights; Gothic and Baroque churches and chapels, medieval fortresses, Baroque castles, manors and other places that simply must be seen. Zagorje hides numerous interesting corners that each person should discover on their own. It is an area with a rich monumental heritage in such a small area; as a result, much more space would be necessary to tell all of its stories and to mention every monument. Krapina - Zagorje County is a part of the Hrvatsko Zagorje region.
Krapina - Zagorje county is positioned on the crossroad of main traffic routes, Phyrn traffic route (state marking D1, highway A2, European marking E59) which goes through the whole County and represent the integral part of northwest entrance/exit of Republic of Croatia and the road Budapest - Varaždin - Zagreb - Rijeka (highwayA4, European marking E65). Geotraffical position of the County in the Republic of Croatia and southwest Europe is strategic due to 6 road and 2 railway border crossings what contributes to traffic frequency of the County. County borders with Varaždin County and the Republic of Slovenia on the north, Zagreb County and the Town of Zagreb on the south, the Republic of Slovenia on the west and Zagreb County and Varaždin County on the East.
The County has rich thermal resources, spring water resources, the non-metal mineral raw material (stone, sand, clay) and rubble. Approximately 40% of County surface is under forests (aider, red oak, oiser, durmast oak, hornbeam, a small complex of chestnut, beech, fir tree).
Krapina Zagorje County positions itself as a favorable place to do business by systematic investments in the construction of the necessary infrastructure that will enable the development of crafts and entrepreneurship, based on the processing industry as the dominant sector of the economy. More than 40% of total income comes from the processing industry that is the basis of economic development of the county. Some of the worldwide known companies such as OMCO and VETROPACK have their production plants in this region and contribute to the business-friendly environment. Most investments in the economy are based on the introduction of modern technologies and the application of innovations within each companies` business.
Agriculture and tourism are secondary branches of development and are based on the offer of selective forms of tourism - thermal spas, castles and natural heritage that are being fully put into operation, with the agricultural sector serving as the main supply chain of food products.
KRAPINA ZAGORJE COUNTY is a fairy tale in which sustainable DEVELOPMENT rests on the people who realize their potentials, IDEAS that are nurtured and developed, the ENVIRONMENT which is the foundation of health, SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS who build the competitiveness of the region and TRADITION that is nurtured.

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