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Invest in Seychelles` Blue Economy, Tourism, Financial services and ICT sectors.

Boasting the 2nd highest GDP per capita in Africa estimated at $ 16,434 in 2018, a 96% literacy rate with an educated and skilled tri-lingual workforce, an EEZ of 1.37 million square kilometers, 455 square kilometers of land, growing infrastructure, a world class financial centre and strategic location in the Indian Ocean (4+GMT), the small island state of Seychelles is quickly becoming a premier choice for investors.

Diversifying from a tourism-based economy Seychelles is offering favourable conditions for investors and various investment opportunities in Blue Economy, Financial Services and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).


A total of 47% of Seychelles` land territory and 30% of its marine area is designated as nature reserves.

This, coupled with the Government`s extensive efforts towards sustainability and responsible use of the islands` resources, awarded Seychelles as the Indian Ocean`s Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination 2019 at the World Travel Awards (WTA). In keeping with this ethos, Seychelles calls for environmentally responsible investments in eco lodges, wellness centers, aquariums, waterparks, adventure tourism, medical tourism, leisure and entertainment.

Blue Economy

Seychelles is a prime example of a country that embraces the Blue Economy, which is primarily based on fisheries and tourism sectors. With an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 1.37 million km2, Seychelles has been primed for increased investment in diversification of existing ocean-based economic sectors and the exploration of new and emerging maritime sectors. This provides the investor with a wealth of opportunities for investment in marine exploration, research centers, ecological and maritime-based universities, laboratories, fish processing, shipping, ship repair, fisheries and Aquaculture.

Financial Services

Seychelles is an established international financial jurisdiction that offers investors a range of products to meet their increasingly complex needs. This sector of the Seychelles economy is marked by the strong public/private sector partnership to ensure that all associated legislative framework are always current and responsive, so as to accommodate the changing requirements of the discerning investors. Seychelles is very attractive for the formation of International Business Company (IBC), Trust Funds, Protected Cell Companies, Non-Domestic Insurance and Foundations. The newly created Seychelles stock exchange is small but rapidly expanding.

New legislation aims to develop more value-added products and innovate its existing financial services portfolio. Currently, the Fintech Sandbox Regulation, 2018 is undergoing final consideration. This new vehicle will encourage the delivery of new technological-based, non-bank financial services; specifically investing services and cryptocurrency.


Seychelles has always been among the leaders in the African region in respect to the deployment of ICT, with 2017 ICT Development Index ranking Seychelles as 2nd in Africa. Seychelles has both the highest internet penetration (70%) and the highest mobile phone penetration in Africa (100%).

The future success of Seychelles in enhancing its competitiveness in the regional and global economy and improving the quality of life of its people is crucially dependent upon its capacity to develop as a leading ICT hub through international best practices in the use of ICT in all aspects and sectors of its economy. Furthermore, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the way we live and work, creating increased demand for technical infrastructure and data analyzing capabilities. Current opportunities in ICT include website providers, cyber security, data centers, submarine cable links, e-business solution providers to name a few.

Seychelles Investment Board

The Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) is your first point of contact for all matters relating to local and foreign investments in Seychelles. We promote Seychelles as an ideal investment destination in the Indian Ocean, encouraging local and foreign entrepreneurs to do business in Seychelles. We offer a range of services to support you during every phase of your business project; from its conception, development to implementation. We also offer post investment support functions which support you with expansion and re-investment. Furthermore, we actively research new investment opportunities and make them known to you, assisting with any queries, guiding you to the right stakeholders, and following up once your business has been set-up.

Our professional team is at hand to assist you on your investment journey in the Seychelles. Contact us today for free investment advice and assistance.

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