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Varazdin County

Business zones. Holiday Homes with a Story. Health tourism.

Varazdin County, the oldest Croatian county, is a perspective region with rich natural, historical and cultural heritage. It is located in the north-western part of Croatia, in Central Europe.
It is also one of the most developed regions in Croatia, whose economy consists of processing industry, trade, construction, agriculture, real estate business, transport, communication and other activities including tourism.
Three most important segments of Varazdin County economy which need to be emphasized are: Zone North Ltd. Varazdin and business zones, Holiday Homes with a Story and health tourism.
There are 16 entrepreneurship and business zones in Varazdin County, founded in towns and municipalities. They provide all sorts of benefits to foreign investors. Zone North Ltd. is the biggest industrial construction area placed near Varazdin, which offers utility and logistics infrastructure, tax breaks, has secured custom services and simplified administrative procedure. It is export-oriented and has credit rating AA+.
Project `Holiday Homes with a Story` is an example of a successful continental tourism practice in a region which lacks accommodation capacities. These traditional, but high-class houses are equipped with pools and spa zone, offering escape from the bustle of the city, homely feeling and domestic food.
Varazdin County is also well-known for cyclotourism and health tourism. The Town of Varazdinske Toplice is famous for thermal springs (sulfur thermal mineral water), that has become the backbone of a two-thousand-year-old development of this prominent health resort, from the Roman period to the modern complex of the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation. It is nowadays one of the most popular destinations in this part of the Europe for medical tourists.
It is important to mention that Varazdin County is open for all initiatives on the international scene that could lead to its development in the outlined direction. It is already a part of the Alps-Adriatic Alliance (presiding member) and of the Assembly of European Regions, the largest independent interregional network.

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