3 Tips on Going Global Through Exhibiting

Words provided by ExpoTor


We talk to lots of small companies exhibiting at trade shows around the world. They agree the challenges like language barriers, budget, missing partners or time differences affect their decision. For those of you wanting to enter global markets without a huge cost:


1. Check the markets through exhibiting before expanding

It makes a big difference whether you have a physical business or an online business.  An online store can spread quickly across many countries. In a physical business, it is always advisable to prioritize one country after another. This is the reason why we are recommending to test your products or business approach by visiting or exhibiting at trade shows first. Exhibiting is not expensive with the right partners to represent your company. These people are not your typical employees but human assets (e.g. freelancing brand ambassadors) who you can hire even through online platforms. An online training and a detailed preparation is a must. They can manage tasks like logistics, printings for the booth before the show. Those expo partners abroad can be your change-makers and push things during the show achieving your goal. A team of two can get enough leads during the show so that you only need to focus on analyzing which markets can be of interest. With a solid sales and branding team after the event, including PR influencers, you can start defining your KPIs and a global strategy.


2. Analyze the expo returns and build your strategy

A business card is not a lead. You have got the chance to transform it into a lead. After you attended a trade show, go through the contacts and start building your strategy based on questions like: From which countries have I got the most interest? Could the companies we have met be the right strategic partners for us? How are the regulations? What certifications are needed and who will organize them? WeForum says: “China leads the way with $2.26 trillion in exports per year“. This means the social and economic indicators of a country can make or brake your business. Attending the "Going Global" trade show you can get all the answers you need for a simple market study to decide in which countries your business will bear fruits.


3. Consult global experts and go-to-market smartly

The tech tools are helping us to automate the way we approach potential international clients. Would it be enough to have an e-commerce site or a chatbot? Expanding your business globally is hard, and it pays off to have specialized consultants. As an example, Mounia Berrada Gouzi, one of the ExpoTor members is offering "business development services for internationally focused companies who want to expand their business into new markets and acquire new customers. This can be done in 4 languages (...). I (...) generate new, quality leads and drive sales. (...) Attending trade shows & events around the world to represent the company, its products & services and develop new business opportunities (...) I will source contacts & partnerships for you after the event and represent you at conferences, events and client sites." This is an example of a company with a global vision and localized solutions for logistics, marketing, etc. It helps your business reaching global coverage without going through the bureaucratic hassle by yourself and adapting your business for a trouble-free expansion.


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