Introducing the Arab British Economic Summit 2019 – A Shared Vision

Words provided by: Arab British Chamber of Commerce 


The Arab British Economic Summit 2019 (ABES 2019) is set to take place on 3rd July at the QEII Centre, Westminster.

The Arab British Chamber of Commerce is organising this high-level international event inspired by the belief that there remains enormous untapped potential for deepening Arab-British business relations to the advantage of all concerned.

UK Ministers from the Prime Minister downwards have indicated a keenness to strengthen the UK’s involvement with overseas markets and to look beyond the EU borders in the wake of the ongoing Brexit uncertainties. The Arab economies in particular offer some of the greatest prospects in this regard. Both sides are open to new partnerships and see the value of collaborating in different areas recognising that the global economy is experiencing a huge transformation driven by emerging new technologies. Traders, exporters and investors are now operating in an era of accelerated technological progress where tremendous innovations are transforming the way that business is carried out across global markets.   

The Summit, ABES 2019, aims to strengthen the vital strategic connections between the UK and the Arab countries by building on the achievements of its previous international conferences, such as the Arab-British Economic Forum of 2014 and GCC-British Economic Forum of 2016.

The Summit will bring together upwards of 400 delegates from government and business, public and private sectors, and will provide a unique platform for senior executives from the UK and the Arab world to enter into discussions on the new trade and investment opportunities that are opening up.

Key Themes

The programme for the Summit will focus on key themes identified as offering greatest potential for developing the already extensive UK-Arab business links. Special sessions will be devoted to infrastructure investment and sustainable development; renewable versus non-renewable energy; MENA hub for global markets; agriculture and water security; youth entrepreneurship; and the new applications, processes, products, and business models in the financial services industry emerging with the rise of FinTech and Blockchain.

The Summit is supported some leading organisations in the field: The League of Arab States, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the UK’s Department for International Trade, the Union of Arab Chambers and the British Chambers of Commerce. 

Main Speakers

A prestigious line up of speakers is headed by H E Dr Abdulatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, Secretary of State for International Trade, Alderman Peter Estlin, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, H E Mr Ali Mohammed Thunayan Al-Ghanim, Chairman, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr Adam Marshall, Director General, British Chambers of Commerce, Dr Khaled Hanafy, Secretary General, Union of Arab Chambers and Mr Simon Penney, HM Trade Commissioner for the Middle East.

The shared vision of a successful Arab-British partnership is anchored in the principle of ‘friendship through trade’, which encapsulates the work of the Chamber since its inception over forty years ago.

There is still time to register for the event. See the link below.