Could English Language Challenge International Businesses?

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The global language of business is English, and any global business owner or entrepreneur wishing to expand into overseas markets must master it, or risk not keeping up with the competition.

Is English language learning an essential strategic component for international businesses?

Multinationals are making English their preferred language, and although in many local areas around the globe, English is not the main language for business, on an international level it is. Therefore, if you have global ambitions for your business, you must learn to use English effectively.

Should You Develop a Language Strategy?

In any business, a strategic plan is essential. 

For entrepreneurs and business owners whose first language isn’t English however, they should consider learning it as part of their strategy, and is essential in achieving their objectives.

The Global Language Challenge to Business

There are around 1.2 billion Mandarin speakers out there, and China is very much a prominent player on the world economic stage.  But English is the established business language worldwide.

Technology can break down many national and geographical barriers, enabling more and more people to trade on a global scale, but language is still a key facet of communication.

If you want to do business internationally, whether you’re looking at the UK or further afield, then you must be proficient in English.

Even in non-English speaking countries, multinational companies such as Siemens and Nissan are making English their language of first-use.

Attracting investors, attending key meetings and negotiating deals all require a clear understanding of English at an international level. If you’re serious about international trade, then you need to be serious about learning a globally-accepted language. 

What would you do to strengthen your international business communication and opportunities?

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