Institution of Analysts and Programmers

The Institution of Analysts and Programmers is a charitable organisation whose primary aim is ‘Improving Software for Society’.

Our professional members work in the software industry from coding to management. We actively engage with and partner educational establishments, employers, the Government and other like minded bodies to improve the quality of the software being produced today particularly in the new age of IoT, Cloud Computing and Apps for everything.

We also engage with the Public to ensure they understand the pitfalls of bad software on their lives in an age where almost every domestic device has a potential to fail. Recent events involving car emissions, flight control systems on the ground and in the air have highlighted how important reliable software is to society.

The Institution works with many bodies including the Trustworthy Software Foundation ( TSF ) and the Cyber Security Alliance; to help industry understand it has to take responsibility, and lead in creating good, reliable, safe and trustworthy software.

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