Perez Ochieng is an inspirational speaker, who uses vision and strategy to achieve success in business & society. With over 22 years of business experience and 12 years in the Agro-food industry, decentralized manufacturing; Expertise covers transformation chain from agricultural raw material in Africa to industrial food production in Europe.
She has won several business awards in the UK/EU including the Global Women Inventors and Innovators.
As an Importer/Exporter from Africa and Exporter to the EU for Food Products and Manufacturing Business Operator in the UK, she understands the regulations and policies and the creative and innovative processes in trading Food products. She has practical understanding of the underlying patterns and forces shaping markets and societies and trade in F&D between UK/EU and Kenya/Africa
Studying Masters in food Innovation and Packaging, she has a long industrial career in capability building in food supply chains, Control systems for Trade, R&D, PR, Branding and business management positions for access to markets and the ever increasing requirement for Food Safety Regulatory Compliance and Traceability standards
Development & Coordination & Management of the Markets and creation of the necessary market linkages that integrate small holder farmers and small food businesses into the target global food supply chain.

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Going Global and Traceability in trading food products; Importing /Exporting to/from Africa/Kenya and UK/EU

Going Global in trading food products! What are the food and agriculture products trading opportunities for IMPORTING from Kenya to UK/EU or EXPORTING from UK/EU to Kenya? The Compliance and conformity requirements for exporting food products into Kenyan market. The EU food safety Regulations and Traceability requirements for importing foods into UK/EU Markets; The challenges of developing sustainable supply chain ecosystem; the innovations in agricultural developments required to secure suppliers and producers.