Carl Hackman

CCI Credit Management (CCICM)

CCICM director for strategy and compliance and CEO of its unique International Credit Exchange (ICE)
Partnership is Mr Carl Hackman (LLB Hons Barrister). Carl has directed CCICM for 15 years, has written many professional
articles, and spoken frequently at events all over the world – including the Berne Union – on matters relating to effective
credit management. He is an acknowledged expert on mitigating risk on behalf of commercial entities who trade both in the
UK and overseas.

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“Extending Credit – Trade With Confidence”

How exporting businesses can best protect their credit when trading overseas. A three-step guide on how to ensure you maximise sales and minimise risk. It features: reviewing T&Cs to include penalty clauses; retention of title and jurisdiction; engaging with third-party suppliers; and litigation and asset protection.