Cedric Fromont


Cedric Fromont is Managing Director at VALIANS INTERNATIONAL, a polish-based consultancy firm. Cedric has 15 years’ experience in supporting businesses in their expansion in Poland and Eastern Europe. Over 120 projects conducted per year with teams based in Cracow, Warsaw and Gdansk. Cedric is accredited and official expert for Poland for many organizations supporting international expansion from countries such as France, Scotland, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland or Canada.

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Poland: the "Golden age" of economic growth

With an uninterrupted GDP growth for the last 20 years (+4% / year on average), Poland has become the fastest-growing large economy in the world according to the World Bank. Since 1989, Poland has increased its GDP per capita by almost 150% and the average purchasing power of a Polish citizen has increased by over 55% since 2009. Major industrial and infrastructure projects have been undertaken in the last decade supported by over 180 bln GBP of European funds between 2007 – 2020. Business is flourishing: how can British companies take advantage of this spectacular growth?