Helena Matuša & Miran Bojanić Morandini

Krapina Zagorje County & Varaždin County Tourist Board

HELENA MATUŠA - Helena Matuša''s experience comes from tackling with preparation and management of public and private investment projects as well as introducing strategic planning approach to regional policy level in Krapina Zagorje County, Croatia. As a team member of Zagorje Development Agency since 2007, Helena participated in bringing entrepreneurial investment to the County as a certified member of Croatian Investor Friendly Region program and supported entrepreneurs in preparation and implementation of EU funded projects. Helena''s expertise includes strategic planning, design thinking and financial modelling in project preparation and implementation. In las few years, Helena is actively included in major strategic projects of Krapina Zagorje County that have impact on Croatian economy, education and quality of life. Helena lives in Krapina Zagorje County with her husband and three children and enjoys all the beauties of a countryside life.

MIRAN BOJANIĆ MORANDINI - For the past 20 years, Miran Bojanić Morandini has been connecting tourism and culture professionally and privately. He ran a travel agency, worked in the city tourist board, was director of the Varazdin City Museum, is an award-winning tour guide, and today is the director of the Varazdin County Tourist Board. He lives in Varaždin with his wife and three children, but dog Nara is in the centre of the home.

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