Itzik Amiel


Itzik is considered the global leading authority on Business Development, Business Networking & Global expansion. He is a sought-­‐after International speaker, trainer, business mentor, lawyer & accountant. He is also the bestselling author of “The Attention Switch” & Founder of THE SWITCH® & THE SWITCH HUB®, the largest global community for professionals to SWITCH their relations to Referrals+Revenue+Results & help clients expand globally.

Itzik’s keynote presentations, training and workshops combine in interactive way knowledge with unique how-­‐to’s. They are a truly memorable experience. Itzik is a regular keynote speaker at business events & conferences globally and he has delivered over a few hundreds of keynote presentations and executive briefings in more than 68 countries worldwide. Itzik has shared the stage with world’s premier thought-­‐leaders including Dalai Lama, sir Richard Branson, Bob Geldof, Steve Wozniak [co-­‐founder of Apple], Darren Hardey, Mark Victor Hansen, Marianna Williamson, Chris Gardner, Robert Kiyosaki, Nick Vujicic, Bob Geldhof, Tom Hopkins etc.

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Switch Global Relationships to Results: 7 Surprising Strategies (without any marketing and sales budget!)

Do you know how to connect to the right people to help expand your business internationally? Do you know how to nurture your relationships on a regular basis? Do you struggle with getting your relationships to help you to grow your business? If any of these questions resonate with you, then you’re not alone. In this presentation, Itzik will share the 7 secrets to building your global Relations Capital by identifying the people critical to your success and developing strategies to build relations and grow your business and referrals globally. These strategies based on his bestselling book: “The Attention Switch”.