Johanna Mager & Karry Schwettmann

Johanna and Karry bring along more than 12 years of professional experience in international marketing, sales and business development and co-founded in 2018, headquartered in Berlin.They have worked Europe-wide in business development, retail sales and cross-border marketing and lead research assignments for major food corporations. Both are a route to market experts and launched internationally within the traditional and modern trade in EU.

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The 3 Steps Prior to Entering the German Market

In this seminar Karry and Johanna will lead you through the 3 steps prior to entering the German Market by taking a closer look at the German Food & Beverage market. Since 80% of all market entries fail, the seminar will focus on the most common pitfalls as well as an easy 3-step-framework including market validation, set-up & preparation and the piloting of a market entry.