Joseph A. Hickey


Joseph A. Hickey is the Founder of the Pearse Trust Group which incorporates SMART MBS.

He provides over 30 years’ experience of advising 500+ foreign companies on the strategic and operational benefits of establishing a business in Ireland. His unique professional background provides comprehensive advice and support on all operational, legal, accountancy and taxation issues.

Joseph was educated at the Honorable Society of Kings Inns, Dublin as a Barrister at Law and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Prior to Pearse Trust’s foundation, he was with EY and Deloitte.

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“Attractions of Ireland as a location for business”

Post Brexit, Ireland will be an ideal location for U.K. and foreign businesses seeking to maintain or establish a presence within the European Union. Joseph will describe Ireland’s politically stable, pro-business landscape and it’s young, highly educated population who are committed members of the EU and the EU Single Market. He will also talk about Ireland’s very transparent and attractive tax regime which is available to all companies large or small.