Lord (JD) Waverley

House of Lords + SupplyFinder.com

An independent member of the House of Lords, Lord Waverley contributes regularly to Parliamentary proceedings, addressing challenges of the day focused on international affairs.

He is the Founder of SupplyFinder (supplyfinder.com), which presents export tender opportunities, joint venture matchmaking, trade finance & information to SMEs globally, advises the Chairman of the CCC Group (www.ccc.gr) on strategic development globally & established and co-coordinated the Aktau Declaration on Joint Actions (www.aktaudeclaration.org) of the major oil and gas operators in Kazakhstan, is publisher of Showcase International (www.showcaseinternational.co), is strategic adviser to Capital Finance International (cfi.co) and SmarterContracts (SmarterContracts.co.uk), a Blockchain & IoT Software and Services Company, in addition to being an Honorary Co-Chairman of the Washington DC based International Tax and Investment Centre (www.iticnet.org).

He has worked in Africa, the Middle East and South America.

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Life Hereafter

The UK''s trajectory, with or without BREXIT in place, is set on a global path. It has been a long haul and our country deserves a long bout of optimism. Rallying around the flag, reacting to consequences and working to create opportunities around the world is required. & SupplyFinder: Business needs of the global economy - SMEs - are SupplyFinder’s core. Tender opportunities, JV matchmaking & export services.