Nigel Barker

Department For International Trade

Nigel started his digital journey working for Saga Holidays in the mid-80’s. Since then he has worked throughout Europe and across a wide range of industries as a systems architect, developer and data migration specialist. Fifteen years ago he took a career break, retrained as a broadcast journalist and worked for six years on the radio, which he describes as ‘Sitting alone in a box, on a cliff in Cornwall talking about himself.’ He returned to civilisation combining his technical and creative skills as a digital communications
specialist and videographer before moving to the DIT as a digital adviser. Nigel lives in Cornwall where he surfs (both rarely and badly), writes and records music and plays roller derby, because ‘who doesn’t like dressing in lycra and being knocked over on skates?’

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“Could Do Better!” How to Improve Your Global Digital Presence

We are on the cusp of 2020. We live in a world of crypto-currency, robotic cleaners and AI, but still many businesses aren’t correctly harnessing the technologies that we already take for granted. Nigel will take you on a light-hearted journey through some of the all too common mistakes he encounters in his role as a Digital Adviser for the Department for International Trade and, more importantly, how to fix them.