Richard Perriman

Horizon International Cargo Limited

Richard has over 30 years'' experience within the logistics and freight forwarding industry. Having gained experience working for airlines, forwarding and logistics companies, he is able to advise companies wishing to upscale, enter new markets or move products across international borders. Richard has held many senior positions and having worked in the US extensively, he is well equipped to support British companies as they seek to explore US market entry. Richard has focussed heavily on the tech sector, helping many clients from start-ups/crowdfunders through to well-known, established brands to successfully launch in the USA. Richard works closely with a number of management consultancy firms and corporates to support their supply chain strategies, respond to shifting market demands, determine optimal supply base and manufacturing footprints and optimise their supply chain spend. Over recent months, Richard has been supporting clients with post-Brexit supply chain strategies, exploring contingency options and providing risk analysis.
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From Creation to Customer

The benefits of using a single source provider to manage your inventory from point of overseas manufacture through to "final mile delivery", including vendor liaison, international freight, customs brokerage, inventory management, pick/pack and despatch.