Saskia Johnston

Sable Forex

Saskia graduated from the University of Cape Town with a BSc (Masters) in Finance and a sub-major in Economics. As with many South Africans, Saskia spent a year living and working in London before returning to her hometown, Cape Town, to take up a job as a Tax Processing Consultant at Sable International. With her eye on the forex department, it wasn’t long until Saskia shifted departments to become a Forex Broker in the group. Her passion and determination, coupled with an extensive knowledge of the foreign exchange market, saw her emigrating to London to head up Sable's Forex Businesses Development team in London. Saskia now runs the UK Sable Forex Team with their core focus on business development, customer relations and client retention. Outside of work, Saskia is a new Mom, loves experiencing new cultures, putting travel at the top of her ''spare time list''.

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