Shawn Khorassani

apio (Prestige Network)

Shawn is a seasoned business architect with a keen eye in identifying and growing opportunities into multimillion-pound businesses from scratch. A Chartered Engineer before starting global translation company Prestige Network, Shawn combines his analytical background in engineering with a flair for sales and marketing, and he has since launched and nurtured several companies and independent divisions into highly profitable organisations. Drawing on a wealth of direct experience, his latest venture is apio, a new part of his business network aimed at relieving the pain points encountered when commissioning specialist and marketing translations.

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How We’ve Helped Companies Go Global (Starting with Ourselves)

With first-hand experience of creating several companies that have gone global, Shawn examines the challenges of international growth that translate across all organisations. How did we develop multimillion-pound businesses, from scratch? How do new divisions fit within the existing company and wider corporate landscape? In answering these questions, Shawn combines lessons learned from years of experience with stories of success to show how you can replicate these in your industry.