Xiankun Ke

Ministry of Trade and Export Development, Government of Saskatchewan

Xiankun Ke joined the Government of Saskatchewan in 2006, and worked as Business Development Manager and Sector Manager, Minerals, before the current position of Deputy Director, Investment, in the Ministry of the Trade and Export Development. He is responsible for investment attraction, and the economic and business development of the province’s key sectors including energy, minerals, agriculture and manufacturing. Xiankun is actively engaged in promoting Saskatchewan’s resources, strengths and advantages at various national and international venues and attracting investment and business into Saskatchewan. He also provides services to existing stakeholders, partners, investors and newcomers.
Xiankun received his BSc. and MSc at Nanjing University, China Ph.D. and later took a postdoctoral Research Fellow position at University of Southampton. He was a professor, Ph.D. tutor and Deputy Chair at Nanjing University. He was a visiting Professor and Assistant Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Regina, respectively. During his academic career he has published over 50 publications in the field of earth science.

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Business and Investment Opportunities in Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, a prairie province in western Canada, is blessed with rich and diversified world-class resources including oil and gas, minerals, agricultural products, forestry products etc. The seminar will introduce these resources by sectors and present business and investment opportunities around these resources in Saskatchewan.